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Warranty Policy

 Customer Service. It has always been the goal of Frank Lumber to partner with our valued customers to help ensure the success of their projects, and their satisfaction with the overall experience. Our mission is to build and sell the best quality wood doors possible. We stand behind our products and promise to work together with our customers in a friendly, positive, and professional way.

Limited Warranty: Frank Lumber Company warrants each door we sell, for a period of one year from date of customer’s receipt of the door, is of good material and workmanship and free from defects that would render the door unserviceable or unfit for ordinary, recommended use. In addition, Frank Lumber honors the specific warranties offered by the door Manufacturers whose products we sell.

Exclusions: The following items are not considered defects, and are not coverable by the limited warranty as expressed above.

  1. Damage / deterioration caused by improper or incomplete finishing (see “The Finishing Guide”) Note also that the performance of particular finishing products used are not warranted by Frank Lumber. Please use the best quality finishing products available to you.
  2. Damage or deterioration caused by improper handling / on-site storage.
  3. Damage resulting from attempts other than Frank Lumbers to repair the door.
  4. Failure to perform normal home maintenance, including maintaining the door finish.
  5. Natural variations in color or texture of the wood.
  6. Warp less than or equal to 1/4″ for doors 3’ x 7’ or less, 3/8” in door exceeding 3’ x 7’ in the overall plane of the door’s length. Doors over 42” in width, and / or over 96” in height, are not covered against warp in our warranty.
  7. All exclusions specific to “The Finishing Guide” are not coverable. Wood doors are not designed for heavy weather conditions, especially southern or western exposures. We do not recommend wood doors in areas without adequate protective overhangs.
  8. No accommodation of a customer’s specific requests performed by Frank Lumber that fall outside the guidelines in this section, or outside of a particular products expected or normal use, or against the specific or implied recommendation of any Frank Lumber representative will be covered by the warranty.
  9. Any and all items purchased as a discounted item or from our Bargain Barn inventory are sold As IS with no warranty.
Quality Doors from Kylemont Manufacturing

Policies/Remedies Any warranty claim for a reasonably noticeable defect is void if made after 30 days from receipt of the door. Claims for latent defects must be made as soon as they become reasonably noticeable. Claims should be made in writing, E-mail is acceptable. Phone calls prior to written notification will not be considered as claims. Frank Lumber reserves the right to require proof of purchase to consider a warranty claim. Frank Lumber may require photographs of a defect in order to pre-qualify any applicable site visits or offer of remedy.

Insulated glass inserts are covered for 1 year from date of receipt. By law, all glass installed in doors must be tempered. The tempered label etched into the lower corner of a glass insert is not a defect, it is legally required. Tempered glass is more prone to scratch than annealed window glass, so care must be taken when removing glazing sealant and cleaning the glass. The Industry standard for glass scratches allows minor scratches; if they are not visible from 5 feet away, they are not considered defects.

Frank Lumber is under no circumstances liable for any damages over and above the original purchase price of a door or pre-hung door system. Any costs associated with project specific delay(s) or re-work in a full replacement or refund situation are not warrantable. Please thoroughly inspect your door prior to finish or installation.

Pre-Hung Doors / Systems Frank Lumber warrants, for the duration of one year from the date of receipt, that pre-hung units will function as intended during normal, suggested use with the following exclusions:

  1. Improper installation causes damage or deterioration of the doors function.
  2. Door units modified by any party other than Frank Lumber are not covered.
  3. All exclusions specific to “The Finishing Guide” are not coverable. For example, wood door units installed in extreme or hazardous weather exposures are not covered!

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Frank Lumber was established in 1948 supplying building materials and hardware to the North Seattle area.

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