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Door Components

 Door components and their descriptions.

Interior Door Jambs Interior Door Jambs: Jambs are the vertical posts that form the sides of a door frame, where the hinges are mounted, and with which the bolt interacts. They can be separeted into the hindge jamb and the lock jamb.

Exterior Door Jambs Exterior Door Jambs: The difference between exterior door jambs & interior door jambs may be in the jamb widths. Older homes may have thicker exterior substrate materials & thicker plaster on the interior side. These variances can widen the jambs.

Door Sills Door Sills: A door sill is the portion of the door frame that runs along the bottom and sits directly on the foundation of your floor. It is the cross piece that actually completes the pre-installed door frame. The sill is actually underneath your threshold.

Door Astragals Astragals: Double doors often require a hardware device known as an astragal. The interior or exterior astragal helps seal the gap between pairs of doors & is used to block sound or air drafts. There are two types of astragals which help seal the space between pairs of doors. The Flat Astragal is used on interior double doors, (i.e. entrance to a bedroom). The T-Astragal is used on exterior double doors, (i.e. Front door entrance).

Door Weatherstripping Weatherstripping: Weatherstripping is the process of sealing door openings and block infiltration of outside air, keeping the inside air inside. The term can also refer to the materials used to carry out such sealing processes. The goal of weatherstripping is to prevent rain and water from entering entirely or partially and accomplishes this by either returning or rerouting water.

Thresholds and Sweeps Thresholds & Sweeps: The threshold of your door can be made of either wood or metal and it is the sloped cross piece that extends across the bottom of your door area. It is slightly raised to keep water from flowing in and often is fitted with a piece of weather stripping to help insulate the area underneath your door. The threshold sits on top of the sill.

Brick Molding Brick Molding: Brick Moulding is the exterior wooden trim that is applied on the exterior of the door unit to cover the connection point between the door frame and the wall stud where the door unit is installed. Most projects require exterior brick moulding even if they have siding and not a brick facade. Appling brick moulding gives a clean finished look for your front entrance and hides the connecting point between the door unit and the wall construction.

Door Hinges Hinges: Hinges are the hardware used to attach a door to its frame, and are the pivot point for opening and closing the door. Whether you are replacing an old door or hanging a new one, hinges are an important part of the structure. They may all look somewhat similar, but there are many types of hinges for various applications. Choosing the appropriate hinge is just as important as selecting your door's knob and lockset, and Frank Lumber will provide the information that you need to make the right selection.

Flush Bolts and Roller Catches Flush Bolts & Roller Catches: Roller Catch or Bolt is a type of door fastener that pushes a spring-loaded roller (mounted into the door) into an indented, jamb-mounted strike plate. Roller and strike plate can also be switched, where the plate is on the door and roller on the jamb. Typically used on doors with dummy hardware where the desired function is to push or pull the door open.

Mull Posts and Drip Caps Mull Posts & Dentil Shelves / Drip Caps: A Mull Post or Muntin is a strip of wood or metal separating and holding panes of glass in a door. A Dentil Shelf or Drip Cap is a type of flashing, often made from sheet metal, installed at the head of a door and extending to the exterior claddings. Used to divert water to the exterior or block the flow of water into the gap between the head jamb of a window or door and the wall.

Door Documents

 Match Up Sheets, The Anatomy of a Door, and more!

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