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Frank Lumber Exterior Doors
Exterior Doors

Building a new house or remodeling your home, selecting the perfect front door is one of the most important parts of the entire process. We can make choosing your new door purchase fun and effortless.

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Frank Lumber Interior Doors
Interior Doors

An interior door not only enhances privacy and keeps closet storage hidden, but they also complement the interior design of your home. We help decide what type by placement use, and noise reduction. 

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Frank Lumber Bi-Fold Doors
Bi-Fold Doors

A Folding door is a door which opens by folding sections or panels. Folding doors are also known as bi-fold doors, but most often having more than two panels. They are also known as concertina doors.

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Frank Lumber Screen Doors
Screen Doors

The screen door incorporates screen mesh to block flying insects or airborne debris such as seeds or leaves from entering, and pets and small children from exiting interior spaces, while allowing for air, light, and views.

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Frank Lumber Sidelight Doors
Sidelight Doors

Sidelights are found immediately adjacent doorways. Commonly found as supporting elements emphasizing the importance of a primary entrance, sidelights may be employed at any interior or exterior door where a visual emphasis is desired.

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Frank Lumber Steel Art Doors
Steel Art Doors

Steel Art doors add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home's entrance way that will make the Jones' want to keep up with you! There are many themes to chose from to match your lifestyle and tastes. Call Frank Lumber Today!

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Frank Lumber Leaded Glass
Leaded Glass

For many years, leaded glass has been added to the doors and windows of homes to beautify and add a touch of elegance. Any size, shape, color, or stained glass window design you can imagine, we can get for you.

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Frank Lumber Textured Glass
Textured Glass

Pattern glass, also known as textured glass, is created by pressing distinctive designs into semi-molten float glass. Such glass is used to provide privacy while still allowing light to flow into a space, and is often found in homes and offices.

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Frank Lumber Accessories &Components

Frank Lumber "The Door Store" offers products from several major manufacturers of door locks & related door hardware accessories & components for all types of install applications. We also have a lot of second-hand accessories!

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Frank Lumber's team of expert sales-people provides you with personalized service and advice for all of your door projects.

Odd sizes and out of the ordinary doors are our specialty, we welcome them. Custom homes, remodels, commercial projects, or single door replacements- we are here to help you right now.

About Us

Frank Lumber was established in 1948 supplying building materials and hardware to the North Seattle area.

Frank Lumber began selling doors during the 1960's to satisfy demand by local contractors. Doors became an ever-increasing part of our business and today we specialize in doors and door hardware.